Significant progress has been made this week. The majority of the aggregate base has been placed from Dugdale to east of Hervey on the north half of the road. We will place the remaining capping stone in the next few days. The northwest corner of Lewis and 14th has been removed and the new stone base has been placed. The curb at this corner was poured today using concrete that should provide enough strength to place the asphalt early next week. We anticipate paving the asphalt and plan to open the new pavement (with a left turn lane on Lewis) by the end of next week. This schedule is weather dependent. The contractor poured the remaining sidewalk near Green Bay Road and along the north leg of Dugdale. The new North Chicago water main passed the required tests and the service connections can begin.

Over the next week we will continue to place the curb along the north side of 14th from Lewis to Dugdale; the remaining aggregate capping stone will be placed between Dugdale and Hervey; asphalt placement will begin at the Lewis intersection; pavement removal, subgrade excavation, and aggregate subgrade placement will continue from Hervey to Greenfield; and water service connections to the new North Chicago water main will begin.

Please use caution driving through the Lewis and 14th intersection as the traffic pattern has been changed and there is a lot of construction activity in the area.