The contractor will begin paving the Jackson intersection, the north side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson, and the southeast corner of Lewis to Kemble on Monday. The plan is to complete the base by midweek and get traffic onto the new pavement by the end of the week. Please use caution because the Lewis intersection, Jackson intersection, and 14th St will all have revised traffic patterns.

The contractor will continue placing curb & gutter between Lewis and Dugdale with the intent on getting that pavement placed this year. They will also continue placing seed and sod between Green Bay Rd and Dugdale.

The asphalt being placed on the temporary driveways is not the final product. It is strictly for the winter. We will not have time to get the final driveways placed this year so we are installing asphalt because the temporary stone will not last. We will also be placing temporary sidewalks for the winter.