The new asphalt has been placed on the north side of 14th from Dugdale to west of Greenfield. Traffic is now on the new pavement from Dugdale to Elmwood and then weaves south onto the existing pavement from Elmwood through Jackson.

Jackson will be closed tomorrow morning between 13th and 15th. PLEASE FOLLOW THE POSTED DETOUR AND USE CAUTION. This will be closed for the next 3-4 weeks depending on weather. We will completely reconstruct the Jackson intersection north and south of 14th during the closure.

The pavement has been removed and the aggregate subgrade has been placed from west of Greenfield to Jackson. The curb will be poured soon and the pavement from Greenfield through Jackson will be completed by early November.

The contractor has been removing pavement on the south side of 14th from Elmwood to Lewis and west of Lewis to Dugdale. They will begin removing the old storm sewer system in this area and installing the new system late this week. Once complete the aggregate subgrade will be placed and we will start with the curb and pavement.

The contractor will continue to place topsoil, seed, erosion control blanket, and sod from the Dugdale roundabout to IL-131 late this week.