The contractor has completed the curb and gutter and is waiting for the required cure time prior to placing the remaining asphalt. We expect the last of the pavement (other than surface) to be placed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The underground traffic signal installations at Lewis are complete and the work at Jackson will start once the utility locate is refreshed. All underground lighting work is complete west of Lewis and most of the work east of Lewis on the north side is done. Once the pavement is installed, the electrical work on the south side of 14th, east of Lewis, will get started.

The contractor will begin pouring concrete driveways and sidewalk between Dugdale and Lewis tomorrow. The asphalt bike path and driveways between Lewis and Dugdale were paved on Friday. We are hoping to get the asphalt bike path and driveways on the north side between Lewis and Jackson paved in about two weeks.

New curb and fine graded aggregate subgrade

Starting to form sidewalks

Paving bike path and driveways

Placing aggregate base for sidewalk