The contractor has completed the asphalt base course. All sidewalks, driveways, curb, and bus pads west of Lewis have been completed. The multi-use path and all driveways are complete north of 14th except the northeast corners at Lewis and at Jackson, which will be complete early next week.

The contractor has completed the underground traffic signal work at all three signalized intersections and is waiting for the foundations to get required strength before placing the new poles. There are only a few light pole foundations remaining to pour and these will be done early next week. There are still several days left for unit duct installation and wiring after that. This work extends east of Jackson to Sheridan.

Once the underground lighting work is complete, the contractor will grade and form the sidewalk and driveways between Lewis and Jackson. This will likely be in about a week or two.

The contractor is also expected to begin topsoil placement on Tuesday if the weather allows. They will focus on getting the topsoil, sod, and seed placed west of Lewis and along Jackson.

Paving binder east of Lewis

Pouring sidewalk

Pouring traffic signal foundations