As anyone who has driven the site recently knows, the end of the project appears near! The contractor has placed all of the surface course asphalt and the permanent striping is scheduled to be complete by the middle of the week.

The temporary traffic signals at Green Bay Road have been removed and the permanent signals are active. If anyone is wondering, the resurfacing through the intersection is a separate IDOT project that is not part of the County reconstruction, although we are coordinating. The new traffic signals are being installed at Lewis and at Jackson this week and we hope to have them active in about two weeks.

The street lighting poles are installed and ComEd has provided power. The contractor will begin connecting the wiring soon and we hope to have the lights on within two weeks also.

Once the other work is complete, the contractor will place the remaining topsoil and install permanent signs. As explained in previous posts we cannot place seed, sod, or trees until September due to the heat. This means that there may be a few weeks of down time after the topsoil placement and signal turn-on but we will still be working on various punch list activities.

Green Bay Road Permanent Signals Turned On

Removing Temporary Traffic Signals

Laying Out Striping

Paving Jackson

Paving Lewis

Paving Glenn

Paving Renken