The contractor continues to pour the sidewalk and driveways from Lewis to Jackson on the south side of 14th and we anticipate completing them by the end of next week.

The asphalt surface is scheduled to start next Thursday (depending on weather) and will take a few days. Once that is complete, the striping will follow and will also take a few days. We expect all asphalt and concrete to be complete in about 3 weeks.

All of the light poles are installed and the contractor is waiting on ComEd to connect the power which will take 3-14 days. The contractor has resumed wiring installation for the traffic signal at Green Bay Road which should only take a few days. We are hoping to get the new signal turned on for testing within a week. At that point the contractor will begin installing the new signals at Lewis and at Jackson.

The contractor will place the topsoil from Lewis to Jackson once the concrete work is complete and it will not impact the paving. It seems like that will most likely be the last week or two of July. Unfortunately the sod and seed cannot be placed during this time of the year due to the high temperatures. This means that the landscaping will have to be done in September.

To summarize, we are expecting the majority of the work to be complete in 3-4 weeks with the traffic signal work potentially extending another 1-2 weeks after that and then the landscaping being placed in the first 2 weeks of September. There will be various punch list work outside of those times but that should just be small cleanup/repair work.

Forms for sidewalk east of Lewis

Pouring sidewalk and driveways east of Lewis

Placing aggregate subgrade for sidewalk

Landscaping growing at ditch on Dugdale

Installing light poles west of Jackson