The project was shut down for several weeks due to multiple issues. First, the EPA approval of the water main testing took a little longer than usual and then the contractor lost several crews to self-quarantine caused by a positive Covid-19 test by an employee. The impacted crews were not on 14th St but the contractor wanted to make sure everyone was safe and the reduction in available workers caused the project to be put on hold for two additional weeks.

The project was up and running again last week. The contractor is doing the side street connections and the services for the added Waukegan water main. We anticipate this work being completed this week and the contractor will then move to the added North Chicago water main. We will get started on the remaining storm sewer between Dugdale and Lewis soon. Once that’s complete, the contractor will get the subgrade ready for the stone placement.

I was recently notified of an issue with some of the temporary driveways by a resident which we took care of right away. I was also notified a few weeks ago about the lack of mail delivery by a resident. We met with the post office right away and got the temporary mailboxes installed. Please let me know if there are issues on the project that are not being addressed. Our intent is to complete the reconstruction with as few impacts to the residents and motorists as possible but sometimes we are not aware of problems. My information is on the bottom of this page and I will post it on this update.


Kevin Gartley, PE