A lot of work has been accomplished in the last two weeks. The last of the storm sewer work was completed yesterday. All of the roadway excavation was also finished yesterday. The contractor will be fine grading the aggregate base over the next few days in preparation for the curb and gutter. We expect the curb placement to start late next week. The asphalt will be placed once the curb has finished curing.

The contractor has been installing the conduit and the wiring for the lighting between Lewis and Dugdale for the last few weeks. This is mostly complete and they are now installing the traffic signal foundations at the Lewis intersection. Once Lewis is done they will move to Jackson to work on those signals.

The contractor will continue grading for the bike path, sidewalk, and driveways between Lewis and Dugdale with paving expected in the middle of next week. The sidewalk placement will start when the curb is complete.

Grading aggregate subgrade

Aggregate subgrade

Installing drain tile

Milling pavement and stripping topsoil

Existing subgrade after pavement removal

Pouring light pole foundations