Update: June 11, 2020

The contractor continues to install new water main on the north side of 14th. They started at Greenfield and have worked west. They are currently across from Renken and will continue to the tie-in point at Dugdale. Once this is complete the installation of the new water main on the south side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson will begin. Over the next few weeks we will be testing the new water main and then attaching the services to the new main. Residents and businesses will be notified prior to the service transfers and any other service interruptions.

As part of the installation west of Lewis and the future work in Jackson, traffic will be down to one lane during the day. Please drive carefully through the area and obey the flaggers to keep everyone safe. Thank you.


Update: April 30, 2020

The additional water main work has been approved and the contractor has ordered the material. We anticipate work resuming in the middle of next week.

The large amount of rain that fell in the last 2 days caused many of the temporary driveways and side streets to get pot holes. A crew will be out tomorrow morning to repair these areas.


Update: March 31, 2020

Work has temporarily slowed while we await EPA approval for additional water main work. We anticipate approval soon but we do not have an exact date. Until then, the contractor will continue removing pavement from the north side of 14th St. They also plan to start grading and excavating west of Dugdale and completing the sidewalk at IL-131 when weather allows. They will occasionally be working on the traffic signals and street lighting.


Update: March 16, 2020

Work on the project has restarted after the winter shutdown. Please use caution when travelling through the work zone. The contractor is removing the pavement from the north side of the road and has multiple crews installing storm sewer between Greenfield and Elmwood. There are many trucks entering and exiting the work zone at various locations so be aware that traffic patterns may be unusual. Most of the utility work is complete. There will be occasional lane closures at the IL-131 and 14th intersection for traffic signal upgrade work.


Update: November 22, 2019

The project is now in Stage 1 configuration. There is one lane in each direction on the south half of 14th St. Please use caution driving through the site while people get used to the change. The north side of the road is closed so the contractor can begin pavement removal and continue storm sewer work. All closures have been removed at Green Bay Road.

The contractor will be on site installing erosion control devices for the winter conditions. ComEd will be on site completing their relocation.


Update: November 5, 2019

The roundabout is open. There will still be work in the area so please drive carefully and watch for workers. We will be working on installing erosion control measures over the next week and on sidewalk and landscaping as the weather allows. There are still lane closures near Green Bay Road so the contractor can continue to work on the sidewalk and the traffic signal.

The driveways that were excavated to install the storm sewer and water main will be covered with asphalt as a temporary measure for the winter. The sidewalks that were removed near Jackson will also be replaced with asphalt for the winter. These will be replaced with the final product in 2020. The stone trenches in Lewis, Carter, Renken, Glenn, and Jackson will be excavated and asphalt patches will be installed to provide a smooth surface through the winter.

The intersection of Jackson and 14th will be temporarily widened this week to accommodate the future stage changes that are necessary for the reconstruction of the intersection.


Update: October 29, 2019

The roundabout paving is complete. The curb & gutter and driveways at Dugdale are in place. All of the colored concrete for the roundabout apron and the islands is complete. The contractor is installing the street lights, grading behind the curb for the sidewalk and bike path, pouring sidewalk, paving the bike path, landscaping, and installing signs. Storm sewer work is ongoing at Jackson and 14th.

The road is scheduled to be opened on Monday, Nov 4th at 7am.


Update: October 17, 2019

The roundabout paving should be complete today. The colored concrete still needs to be poured for the roundabout apron and the islands. Once the paving is complete, we will be grading behind the curb for the sidewalk and bike path, installing driveways along Dugdale, pouring sidewalk, paving the bike path, landscaping, and then installing signs. We are also installing the light pole foundations and conduit and upgrading the traffic signal system at Green Bay Road. Storm sewer work between Dugdale and Lewis will finish this week and the crew will move to Jackson and 14th. The new water main is installed and the old water main has been abandoned and filled.


Update: October 6, 2019

The roundabout subgrade work is complete. The curb and gutter will be complete in a day or two. The asphalt placement has started today with the first of three layers. We are hoping to finish the first lift tomorrow and complete the second lift by the end of the week. The retaining wall at the Forest Preserve is complete except for the fence that will be installed on top of the wall. Other work this week will be grading for the sidewalk and bike path, installation of driveways along Dugdale, some sidewalk installation, light pole foundation and conduit installation, and traffic signal work at Green Bay Road. Storm sewer work between Dugdale and Lewis will continue and the new water main will be fully connected this week.




Update: September 26, 2019


The excavation at the roundabout is almost complete and the subgrade will be complete in the next day or two. The storm sewer and watermain in the closure is complete and the crews are now working along 14th St east of Dugdale under daily lane closures. The retaining wall along the forest preserve will be complete in the next week. The concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk installation just started and will take a few weeks to complete. The eastbound lanes of 14th street have been resurfaced and traffic will be shifted onto them within the next week. The curb & gutter, sidewalk, and driveway removals at Jackson have been done and the storm sewer work is starting. Once that is complete the temp pavement will be installed so traffic can be shifted and the pavement work can begin.

A traffic shift is expected this week. Please use caution.

Temporary sidewalks will be provided at Jackson this week for garbage collection. We apologize for any inconvenience this week.