Update: November 16, 2020

We are attempting to get the site ready for the winter. Our last concrete pour for the year was done last week and our final day of asphalt paving is expected tomorrow. The winter striping on the new pavement will be on Thursday. By the end of the day on Thursday we will have Lewis back to its normal configuration with two lanes in each direction and the left turn lanes and Jackson will be fully open with turn lanes. We are hoping to modify the configuration between Lewis and Dugdale to utilize the new pavement while also allowing the contractor to continue working over the winter on electrical items. The contractor will continue winterizing the aggregate driveways with a few inches of asphalt later this week. The landscapers will continue placing sod and seed/blanket near Dugdale and then they will place temp seed and blanket along the rest of the project to provide erosion control over the winter.


Update: October 31, 2020

The contractor will begin paving the Jackson intersection, the north side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson, and the southeast corner of Lewis to Kemble on Monday. The plan is to complete the base by midweek and get traffic onto the new pavement by the end of the week. Please use caution because the Lewis intersection, Jackson intersection, and 14th St will all have revised traffic patterns.

The contractor will continue placing curb & gutter between Lewis and Dugdale with the intent on getting that pavement placed this year. They will also continue placing seed and sod between Green Bay Rd and Dugdale.

The asphalt being placed on the temporary driveways is not the final product. It is strictly for the winter. We will not have time to get the final driveways placed this year so we are installing asphalt because the temporary stone will not last. We will also be placing temporary sidewalks for the winter.


Update: October 12, 2020

The new asphalt has been placed on the north side of 14th from Dugdale to west of Greenfield. Traffic is now on the new pavement from Dugdale to Elmwood and then weaves south onto the existing pavement from Elmwood through Jackson.

Jackson will be closed tomorrow morning between 13th and 15th. PLEASE FOLLOW THE POSTED DETOUR AND USE CAUTION. This will be closed for the next 3-4 weeks depending on weather. We will completely reconstruct the Jackson intersection north and south of 14th during the closure.

The pavement has been removed and the aggregate subgrade has been placed from west of Greenfield to Jackson. The curb will be poured soon and the pavement from Greenfield through Jackson will be completed by early November.

The contractor has been removing pavement on the south side of 14th from Elmwood to Lewis and west of Lewis to Dugdale. They will begin removing the old storm sewer system in this area and installing the new system late this week. Once complete the aggregate subgrade will be placed and we will start with the curb and pavement.

The contractor will continue to place topsoil, seed, erosion control blanket, and sod from the Dugdale roundabout to IL-131 late this week.


Update: October 2, 2020

Significant progress has been made since the last post. Asphalt has been placed on the north side of 14th from Dugdale to west of Greenfield. The water main installation for Waukegan and North Chicago is complete. The contractor will be shifting traffic onto the new pavement from Dugdale to Elmwood on Monday. Traffic will then weave south onto the existing pavement from Elmwood through Jackson. This will eliminate the weave at Greenfield and allow us to complete the reconstruction of the north side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson.

The contractor has received approval to close Jackson between 13th and 15th for approximately 1 month. Currently we expect the closure to take effect the week of 10/12. Once we have locked in a date we will update the website. This will allow us to complete the intersection work prior to the winter and get traffic off of the temporary pavement.

After the traffic shift on Monday, the contractor will be removing pavement on the south side of 14th, west of Lewis. They will then move to the southeast corner of Lewis and then to the north side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson.

We are also expecting the contractor to place topsoil and final landscaping from the Dugdale roundabout to IL-131.



New curb and placing subgrade

Pavement removal at the NW corner of Lewis and 14th

Graded bike path and placing riprap

Placing geofabric, underdrains, and PGE

Proof rolling 14th west of Lewis


Excavating for subgrade

At grade before proof roll and testing


Update: September 9, 2020

Significant progress has been made this week. The majority of the aggregate base has been placed from Dugdale to east of Hervey on the north half of the road. We will place the remaining capping stone in the next few days. The northwest corner of Lewis and 14th has been removed and the new stone base has been placed. The curb at this corner was poured today using concrete that should provide enough strength to place the asphalt early next week. We anticipate paving the asphalt and plan to open the new pavement (with a left turn lane on Lewis) by the end of next week. This schedule is weather dependent. The contractor poured the remaining sidewalk near Green Bay Road and along the north leg of Dugdale. The new North Chicago water main passed the required tests and the service connections can begin.

Over the next week we will continue to place the curb along the north side of 14th from Lewis to Dugdale; the remaining aggregate capping stone will be placed between Dugdale and Hervey; asphalt placement will begin at the Lewis intersection; pavement removal, subgrade excavation, and aggregate subgrade placement will continue from Hervey to Greenfield; and water service connections to the new North Chicago water main will begin.

Please use caution driving through the Lewis and 14th intersection as the traffic pattern has been changed and there is a lot of construction activity in the area.


Update: September 2, 2020

Work has resumed and substantial progress has been made. The new Waukegan water main is live and all work on it has been completed. The new North Chicago water main is in place and is being tested. Once the test results are accepted, the contractor will connect the new services and abandon the existing main. This should be complete in 2-3 weeks.

The aggregate base has been installed for the stage 1 pavement from Lewis to Dugdale. The contractor will continue excavating and placing the aggregate base east of Lewis heading toward Jackson this week and next.

The remaining sidewalk from IL-131 to Dugdale will be placed this week and the curb along the north side of 14th from Lewis to Dugdale will get started this week.

The multi-use path along Dugdale and 14th to IL-131 has been graded and will be paved in the next few weeks. The asphalt base will also be placed west of Lewis once the concrete curb has enough strength.

The Lewis and 14th intersection will have a new traffic pattern soon. There will be one lane in each direction for both roads with no turn lanes. This configuration will be a temporary condition that will only last 2-3 weeks and it will allow the project to combine sub-stages to provide a superior final product in a shorter overall time frame. Please use caution through this area.


Update: August 10, 2020

The project was shut down for several weeks due to multiple issues. First, the EPA approval of the water main testing took a little longer than usual and then the contractor lost several crews to self-quarantine caused by a positive Covid-19 test by an employee. The impacted crews were not on 14th St but the contractor wanted to make sure everyone was safe and the reduction in available workers caused the project to be put on hold for two additional weeks.

The project was up and running again last week. The contractor is doing the side street connections and the services for the added Waukegan water main. We anticipate this work being completed this week and the contractor will then move to the added North Chicago water main. We will get started on the remaining storm sewer between Dugdale and Lewis soon. Once that’s complete, the contractor will get the subgrade ready for the stone placement.

I was recently notified of an issue with some of the temporary driveways by a resident which we took care of right away. I was also notified a few weeks ago about the lack of mail delivery by a resident. We met with the post office right away and got the temporary mailboxes installed. Please let me know if there are issues on the project that are not being addressed. Our intent is to complete the reconstruction with as few impacts to the residents and motorists as possible but sometimes we are not aware of problems. My information is on the bottom of this page and I will post it on this update.


Kevin Gartley, PE




Update: July 7, 2020

Work has temporarily halted while the contractor waits for the test results of the newly installed water main. Once the tests are approved, the contractor will begin installing new services to the buildings on the north side of 14th. We anticipate this in a few days.

We were recently informed that the mail was not being delivered to the buildings on the north side of 14th between Greenfield and Dugdale. We met with the post office and worked out a solution for the duration of the project. Temporary mailboxes have been installed and mail delivery has resumed. The mailboxes for buildings between Dugdale and Carter are at the northwest corner of Carter and 14th. The mailboxes for buildings between Lewis and Greenfield are at the northwest corner of Washington Park and 14th.