Construction – Fall/Winter 2020

Pouring Light Pole Foundations

Final Landscaping West of Dugdale

Railing Installed at Retaining Wall

Excavating Base and Placing Subgrade

Pouring Concrete Driveways Along Jackson

Paving Jackson

Placing Subgrade Between Lewis and Renken

Placing Geotechnical Fabric and Underdrain

Removing Warning Siren

Placed Longitudinal Joint Sealant West of Lewis

Paving Binder West of Lewis

Construction – Summer 2020

New curb and placing subgrade

Pavement removal at the NW corner of Lewis and 14th

Graded bike path and placing riprap

Placing geofabric, underdrains, and PGE

Proof rolling 14th west of Lewis


Excavating for subgrade

At grade before proof roll and testing


Late 2019 Photos


Construction July/August 2019












Pre-Construction August 2018