Q: What will happen with driveways?
A: Because the new roadway is going to change in terms of width and elevation, driveways have to raise/lower to match this; therefore, driveway aprons will be replaced and access will be maintained. We will work closely with each resident in order to make sure everyone understands the proposed work and the contractor will work to restore driveways quickly and efficiently.

Q: Will anything change with mail delivery or my mailbox?
A: All of your mail/packages will be delivered. If your mailbox is attached to your house/business, nothing will change; curbside mailboxes will be relocating during the project.

Q: Will my garbage get picked up?
A: Yes; garbage pickup will not be interrupted.

Q: Will you be removing trees?
Every effort will be made to avoid cutting down trees; however, it will be necessary to remove trees and other elements within the right-of-way. In some areas of widening, the new road/curb/sidewalk has to go where the trees were. In other areas, the underground work required can severely damage the root systems of trees; experience tells us that it is better to remove those trees in advance rather than wait for them to die and become a hazard.

Q: What do I do if I have a sprinkler system or invisible fence?
A: Sprinkler systems and/or invisible fences installed within the right-of-way are owned and maintained by the property owner. Any damage that may occur is the owner’s responsibility to repair. If you have any questions regarding irrigation systems or invisible fences within the right-of-way, please contact us.

Q: Will access to any businesses close during construction?
A: All entrance/exit access points to businesses and homes will be maintained throughout the work.

Q: Will any of my utilities be shut off during the construction?
A: The possibility of minor interruptions of service does exist, but any interruptions would be minimal.

Q: Will Pace Bus routes change?
A: During the Detour Stage, the current Pace Bus Route will also be detoured around the closed intersection at Dugdale Road.
For information about Pace bus detours associated with this project, please sign up for text or email alerts for Route 564 and/or Route 569 at PaceBus.com. Information is also available by phone by calling 1-847-364-7223, option 3.

If you have any special needs, questions or concerns, please contact us!