Update: July 1, 2021

The contractor continues to pour the sidewalk and driveways from Lewis to Jackson on the south side of 14th and we anticipate completing them by the end of next week.

The asphalt surface is scheduled to start next Thursday (depending on weather) and will take a few days. Once that is complete, the striping will follow and will also take a few days. We expect all asphalt and concrete to be complete in about 3 weeks.

All of the light poles are installed and the contractor is waiting on ComEd to connect the power which will take 3-14 days. The contractor has resumed wiring installation for the traffic signal at Green Bay Road which should only take a few days. We are hoping to get the new signal turned on for testing within a week. At that point the contractor will begin installing the new signals at Lewis and at Jackson.

The contractor will place the topsoil from Lewis to Jackson once the concrete work is complete and it will not impact the paving. It seems like that will most likely be the last week or two of July. Unfortunately the sod and seed cannot be placed during this time of the year due to the high temperatures. This means that the landscaping will have to be done in September.

To summarize, we are expecting the majority of the work to be complete in 3-4 weeks with the traffic signal work potentially extending another 1-2 weeks after that and then the landscaping being placed in the first 2 weeks of September. There will be various punch list work outside of those times but that should just be small cleanup/repair work.

Forms for sidewalk east of Lewis

Pouring sidewalk and driveways east of Lewis

Placing aggregate subgrade for sidewalk

Landscaping growing at ditch on Dugdale

Installing light poles west of Jackson


Update: May 28, 2021

The contractor has completed the asphalt base course. All sidewalks, driveways, curb, and bus pads west of Lewis have been completed. The multi-use path and all driveways are complete north of 14th except the northeast corners at Lewis and at Jackson, which will be complete early next week.

The contractor has completed the underground traffic signal work at all three signalized intersections and is waiting for the foundations to get required strength before placing the new poles. There are only a few light pole foundations remaining to pour and these will be done early next week. There are still several days left for unit duct installation and wiring after that. This work extends east of Jackson to Sheridan.

Once the underground lighting work is complete, the contractor will grade and form the sidewalk and driveways between Lewis and Jackson. This will likely be in about a week or two.

The contractor is also expected to begin topsoil placement on Tuesday if the weather allows. They will focus on getting the topsoil, sod, and seed placed west of Lewis and along Jackson.

Paving binder east of Lewis

Pouring sidewalk

Pouring traffic signal foundations


Update: May 6, 2021

The contractor has completed the curb and gutter and is waiting for the required cure time prior to placing the remaining asphalt. We expect the last of the pavement (other than surface) to be placed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The underground traffic signal installations at Lewis are complete and the work at Jackson will start once the utility locate is refreshed. All underground lighting work is complete west of Lewis and most of the work east of Lewis on the north side is done. Once the pavement is installed, the electrical work on the south side of 14th, east of Lewis, will get started.

The contractor will begin pouring concrete driveways and sidewalk between Dugdale and Lewis tomorrow. The asphalt bike path and driveways between Lewis and Dugdale were paved on Friday. We are hoping to get the asphalt bike path and driveways on the north side between Lewis and Jackson paved in about two weeks.

New curb and fine graded aggregate subgrade

Starting to form sidewalks

Paving bike path and driveways

Placing aggregate base for sidewalk



Update: April 22, 2021

A lot of work has been accomplished in the last two weeks. The last of the storm sewer work was completed yesterday. All of the roadway excavation was also finished yesterday. The contractor will be fine grading the aggregate base over the next few days in preparation for the curb and gutter. We expect the curb placement to start late next week. The asphalt will be placed once the curb has finished curing.

The contractor has been installing the conduit and the wiring for the lighting between Lewis and Dugdale for the last few weeks. This is mostly complete and they are now installing the traffic signal foundations at the Lewis intersection. Once Lewis is done they will move to Jackson to work on those signals.

The contractor will continue grading for the bike path, sidewalk, and driveways between Lewis and Dugdale with paving expected in the middle of next week. The sidewalk placement will start when the curb is complete.

Grading aggregate subgrade

Aggregate subgrade

Installing drain tile

Milling pavement and stripping topsoil

Existing subgrade after pavement removal

Pouring light pole foundations


Update: March 29, 2021

The contractor is back after the winter shutdown. We have been installing underground foundations for the new street lights for a few days. We anticipate the pavement removal on the south side of 14th between Lewis and Glenn to resume tomorrow. This should take a few days and then we will complete the storm and sanitary sewer work in the same location. Please use caution when driving through the site as there will be workers on site. Thank you.


Fall/Winter 2020 Photos

Paving Binder West of Lewis

Placed Longitudinal Joint Sealant West of Lewis

Removing Warning Siren

Placing Geotechnical Fabric and Underdrain

Placing Subgrade Between Lewis and Renken

Paving Jackson

Pouring Concrete Driveways Along Jackson

Excavating Base and Placing Subgrade

Railing Installed at Retaining Wall

Final Landscaping West of Dugdale

Pouring Light Pole Foundations


Update: November 16, 2020

We are attempting to get the site ready for the winter. Our last concrete pour for the year was done last week and our final day of asphalt paving is expected tomorrow. The winter striping on the new pavement will be on Thursday. By the end of the day on Thursday we will have Lewis back to its normal configuration with two lanes in each direction and the left turn lanes and Jackson will be fully open with turn lanes. We are hoping to modify the configuration between Lewis and Dugdale to utilize the new pavement while also allowing the contractor to continue working over the winter on electrical items. The contractor will continue winterizing the aggregate driveways with a few inches of asphalt later this week. The landscapers will continue placing sod and seed/blanket near Dugdale and then they will place temp seed and blanket along the rest of the project to provide erosion control over the winter.


Update: October 31, 2020

The contractor will begin paving the Jackson intersection, the north side of 14th from Greenfield to Jackson, and the southeast corner of Lewis to Kemble on Monday. The plan is to complete the base by midweek and get traffic onto the new pavement by the end of the week. Please use caution because the Lewis intersection, Jackson intersection, and 14th St will all have revised traffic patterns.

The contractor will continue placing curb & gutter between Lewis and Dugdale with the intent on getting that pavement placed this year. They will also continue placing seed and sod between Green Bay Rd and Dugdale.

The asphalt being placed on the temporary driveways is not the final product. It is strictly for the winter. We will not have time to get the final driveways placed this year so we are installing asphalt because the temporary stone will not last. We will also be placing temporary sidewalks for the winter.


Update: October 12, 2020

The new asphalt has been placed on the north side of 14th from Dugdale to west of Greenfield. Traffic is now on the new pavement from Dugdale to Elmwood and then weaves south onto the existing pavement from Elmwood through Jackson.

Jackson will be closed tomorrow morning between 13th and 15th. PLEASE FOLLOW THE POSTED DETOUR AND USE CAUTION. This will be closed for the next 3-4 weeks depending on weather. We will completely reconstruct the Jackson intersection north and south of 14th during the closure.

The pavement has been removed and the aggregate subgrade has been placed from west of Greenfield to Jackson. The curb will be poured soon and the pavement from Greenfield through Jackson will be completed by early November.

The contractor has been removing pavement on the south side of 14th from Elmwood to Lewis and west of Lewis to Dugdale. They will begin removing the old storm sewer system in this area and installing the new system late this week. Once complete the aggregate subgrade will be placed and we will start with the curb and pavement.

The contractor will continue to place topsoil, seed, erosion control blanket, and sod from the Dugdale roundabout to IL-131 late this week.